Somnox Sleeprobot


  • Develop world’s first sleeping robot with startup Somnox BV
  • Co-development of an IoT device and application
  • Launch new product into market


  • User testing
  • App & hardware development
  • Phased launch


  • Product manager 
  • Project management
  • UI/UX Consult
Julian Jagtenberg - Founder & CEO Somnox

“Because Somnox and Auping share the intrinsic motivation for a good night’s sleep and innovation, we explored the possibilities in the field of new technology and innovative concepts together. In addition, Auping has gained more than 100 years of knowledge about sleep and what is necessary to improve sleep quality.” 

From idea to tech-startup

Four students went from idea to tech-startup with the help of Auping. With Somnox’ concept and sleepexpertise of Auping worlds first sleeprobot was born. In a period of 2 years Somnox raised enough funding to develop, produce and launch their first version of the Sleeprobot. In the last year of development the sleeprobot became part of my category/portfolio. During the development of the product my main role was that of managing the user experience, branding and market introduction for the Auping side of distribution. I also had an advisory role in the first iterations of user interface, user testing and launch of the IoT device and application. 

With Auping standards and a fast moving startup the challenge was to successfully introduce a unique and good working IoT device for an unknown market. 

Testin, testing and more testing

Due to the uniqueness of the product and user experience a lot of user tests were done with both app and device. Within Auping we’ve made a setup with multiple panel groups and user diaries to finetune the interface and overall product experience. 


Prioritization of functionalities

With a lot of different functionalities and a new product the challenge is to keep onboarding and the interface as intuitive and simple as possible. Next to a well thought-over onboarding proces and simplistic interface different functionalities were introduced by guiding the user through different functionalities within the application and usage of the device.