Auping Smart Base

Auping’s new smart bed base, the ‘Auping Smart base’, has a special anti-snoring function. As a result, no one has to lie awake anymore because of a snoring partner. The moment someone snores, the headboard is raised a bit, or the snorer is given a loving push so that the other person can continue to sleep. And that is not unimportant, because for many people snoring is a serious problem and a major annoyance in a relationship.

The Smart base is somewhat like my baby, from ideation, research, prototyping, and product launch this has been my main project and has become the base of the new category “Smart Technology” that I’ve established within Auping. With the link between your bed, phone/sensors, and the internet, Auping is able to indicate the quality of sleep and anticipate a user’s sleeping behave in order to optimize sleep.

– Project manager (from ideation till launch)
– Product manager
– Product design of the Connect hub

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