A selection of several cases I have been working on in the past years.

Auping Connect

A well-rested world, is a better world. Auping has been leading in sleep technology and bedding for over 130 years. In the past years I have been developing their first smart bed and mobile application.

Somnox Sleep robot

From start-up to full grown sleep company. Somnox has developed the world first Sleep Robot and application that improves breathing and settles the mind, allowing for peaceful sleep and brighter days.

Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou brings 150 days of culture to Zwolle for the next 5 years. A new collective of young entrepreneurs think its time to change the concept of culture, art and beach bar. 

"In my period as interim projectmanager for an innovation project at Auping I had the pleasure of having Jabe in my team. Outside of being very nice to work with, he is a solid team-member who was always willing to go the extra mile. I've gotten to know Jabe as an extremely hard worker with excellent project management and design skills. His interaction design skills really helped to take the project to the next level."
Donald Merks
Senior Innovation Strategist @ VanBerlo

Other clients I've had the pleasure of working with: