Blue Bayou

Together with several young entrepreneurs I’ve developed a new summer concept for one of the key locations in the city center of Zwolle. What used to be a bar and a city beach has now been transformed into a 150-day culture club with collaboration between different schools, the creative industry, and several artists in Zwolle.

In 150 days the Rodetorenplein will transform into a creative hub with a focus on the circular economy and the 17 global sustainable development goals. In 2022 the inspirational theme “Stadsjutters” will enlist several schools and artists to create a memorable piece of art that shows the creativity of these blue-hearted people.

Blue Bayou stands for the people of Zwolle, the waterfront, and the place of wonder where we all long for. With a little hint towards co-creation (Blue Ba-You) we hope to encourage every visitor to contribute to the appearance and appeal of this new free cultural hub.

– Creative director
– Design and development of the temporary building
– Project management