Auping Connect app

A big part of the Auping Smart Technology category was the development of the Auping Connect app. The user interface bridged the gap between your sleep behavior and your bed. By utilizing the sensors of your phone and of other smart accessories in your bedroom the app can send triggers to the bed and prevent a user from snoring, setting an alarm by moving the bed, and endless other possibilities.


  • Create the first mobile application to control an Auping adjustable base
  • Integrate smart functionalities within the app
  • Make a simple design that can be used by a broad target group


During the project my main role was product owner, and develop an initial user experience and some elements of the user interface.


  • Research and sketches
  • Wireframes and prototyping in SKETCH and InVision
  • Native app development
  • Phased launch and usertest

The app interface was based on three main functionalities, bed-control, anti-snore, and your smart alarm. The interface needed to be simplistic and onboarding with the installation of the complete system, understandable for every user. Besides designing the UX I designed the complete app, did user testing, and together with iOS and Android developers launched a successful IoT app for Auping.

– Product owner
– UX design
– UI design